Volunteer Opportunities

As a non-profit organization, The Exchange depends heavily on volunteers to help run the day-to-day operations of a 15,000 sq. ft. consignment store. Along with a staff of 20 employees, 240 volunteers help keep the wheels of this wonderful organization turning, while making hundreds of shoppers happy every day.

We're particularly proud of the fact that a large number of our volunteers have enthusiastically served our organization for decades, many having started off as shoppers or consignors.

The Arts of Sarasota and Manatee counties have been the beneficiaries of all this dedicated work. Since 1962, $9 million in grants and scholarships have been awarded  to organizations such as the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Asolo Theatre, West Coast Symphony and  Sarasota Opera, just to name a few. We also award scholarships to high school and college students studying in the Arts. Our customers, consignors and volunteers all work together to accomplish this common goal. Our sincere thanks to all of you.

Amber Valentine
Amber Valentine - Bright Future Volunteer

I always come across stuff I think would look good in my house or in my dorm room. The Exchange is such a happy environment and I'm so happy I chose to volunteer here.

Amber Valentine, Volunteer

  1. Price and Tag Merchandise:  Pricers and taggers examine, evaluate, price and tag merchandise before it's taken to the floor to be sold.
  2. Consignment Services/Intake:  Consignment Intake is responsible for accepting or rejecting merchandise brought in for consignment.
  3. Lost Prevention: Conducting surveillance of customers, inspecting the premises and knowing the signs that indicate possible theft.
  4. Sales:  Responsibilities include greeting customers to ascertain their needs and wants, as well as stocking shelves and racks with merchandise.
  5. Office Support:  Answering the phone, customer service and filing.
  6. Stocking & Merchandising

Grace Riker
Grace Riker - Volunteer

The Exchange has been a Sarasota landmark for opportunity; for the arts, education, shopping and volunteerism. There is goodness in everything it stands for.

Grace Riker, Volunteer



Year round and seasonal volunteers are always welcome, as well as students working to fulfill their community service hours for college.

Per Rasmussen
Per Rasmussen - Volunteer

Volunteering at The Exchange introduces you to so many people, both fellow volunteers and customers. Every day is a joy!

Per Rasmussen, Volunteer


Kathleen Schulte (Volunteer Coordinator)
[email protected]
941-955-7859 Ext. 307

Jeanne France and Audrey Busse Volunteers

Between us, we represent 52 years of volunteer service at The Exchange. during those years, we have experienced positive and outstanding changes all for the benefit of the scholarship recipients and the arts programs The Exchange underwrites. We volunteer so faithfully not only because we love helping fund the arts but also because we truly enjoy the warmth and camaraderie of our co-volunteers.

Jeanne France and Audrey Busse, Volunteers